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Italian Cars For Sale:
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Alfa Romeo:

1957 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spyder - Older red repaint with very little patina. Seats original and in very good condition. New black period correct carpet. Chrome is in very good condition - slight patina. Driven 400 miles at testing - a turn key car. Correct 750 engine/transmission. Balanced and blue printed. NOS period Weber carb. Engine bay detailed. $35,000 USD.


1969 Alfa Romeo Duetto Spyder - Weber conversion, bare metal respray in green (was always green). Recent seats recovered - black carpets - Runs and drives great! Small floor rust repaired properly at repaint. Approximately 65,000 miles. $13,000 USD. Located in Maple Park, Illinois.



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1976 Lancia Scorpion for sale1976 Lancia Scorpion - Has front end wreck-damage, though fixable may be a better part-car, since it has not run in 10 years. Car is complete. 44,000 miles. $900 USD obo. Call 317.498.5203 or E-mail . Located in Indianapolis, IN, USA (08/29/14).






1985 Maserati 425 Biturbo - Currently being driven, good engine, Excellent Simmons 16" 2 piece rims (Fiat/Lancia Pattern?) Body is structurally sound. Will sell whole car $1800 or parts. Located in Leduc.


Italian Cars Wanted:
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Italian Car Parts For Sale:
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Italian Car Parts Wanted:
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Fiat 130 Coupe chrome seat hinge cover wantedFiat 130 Coupe Parts Wanted
- Looking for the 2-piece chrome covers for the seat hinges (or complete hinge with covers) for Fiat 130 Coupe, as shown in photo. Contact if you can help. (12/18/16)



gtv.jpg (72611 bytes)Alfa Romeo GTV Parts Wanted - 1969-1974 - I am going to eventually be restoring my Euro Spec Canadian 1970 Alfa Romeo 1750 GTV. She's very tough but I've owned her for almost 20 years and the sentimentality bug has taken effect. First order of business is to find some NOS (if possible) replacement panels. I'd prefer to find some local to the Toronto area. Let me know what you have if you are near by! E-mail Allan at . Thanks! (04/01/16)


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There is a widespread scam occurring in the world of online classified advertising that you should be aware of. It affects the both the big advertising sites and small niche sites such as this one. It is a con artist's ploy using a ruse story where the con artist tries to get YOU to send him a monetary difference between the item you are selling him and a large money note he (or the friend in the scam story) sends you. Although you are able to deposit the money note, in a week or two your bank will come back to you claiming it was fraudulent. In the meantime, the scammers hope you honor your agreement and send off the overpayment and perhaps whatever you are selling. Bang - YOU have been taken. The story line used changes, and there are many con artists now modeling this ploy - because it is working.  UPDATE 2012: The scammers are increasingly insisting on using PayPal to pay you. However, the PayPal E-mail notices you receive indicating you have been paid are FAKE - there will be no money sent to your actual PayPal account. The scam is exactly the same, and ends up with you sending them real money via Western Union or something similar.

     Please be careful - only deal with REAL money - cash, checks or bank notes that you verify funds on. Remember, BANK DRAFTS ARE NOT AS GOOD AS CASH. Your bank will release the funds to you usually within 48 hours BUT a fake draft can take up to four weeks to come back to the bank - then you are on the hook for whatever amount it was! Always call the issuing bank to confirm the draft AND wait at least three to four weeks for the funds to clear. Remember also that a fake draft may have a fake address and/or phone number. Check with directory assistance to confirm that the name of the bank, address and phone number are legitimate. Also keep in mind that stolen cheque may be declared valid by the bank if the policy holder is not aware of the theft yet. They can still come after you for the funds once they realize there was fraudulent activity in the account.

     The best solution is to use the services of - a third party escrow service. I recommend this escrow service because it is REAL. 90% of online escrow sites are fake! The scammers will insist on using an escrow service of their choice which itself turns out to be fraudulent. Fake escrow sites can also be checked at

A recent (un-edited), example of these con artists in action is below:

"Good day,
I am a business man in Nigeria, i would like to have the auto has i understand it is for sale(Chevy, Corvette), so then i will be offering you the sum of $18000.00 for the payment,but if my offer is accepted by you,then i think i should i will like to see some more pics of it and i also want to let you know that i intend paying for it with a cashier's check drawn from a US bank due to the fact that wire transfer these days is not safe for payment,so then i will kindly wait you,as you reply soon,so we can get on with the transaction immedaitely.
Thank you very much as i await your reply.

     The first tip off is the subject line of the E-mail. In many examples the scammers usually just copy and past your item description directly into the subject line of the E-mail. Second big tip off is in regards to shipping. The scammers almost always offer to take care of arranging shipping themselves. They may also mention paying with a Cashier's Check or PayPal in the initial E-mail. Suspicious E-mails may also use all capital letters, have bad spelling, request more contact or banking info from you, will not be concerned with the condition or price of the car, and will probably claim to be a re-seller or agent for someone else. If any of these things are in an E-mail you receive you have a scammer on your hands! They will most likely be using a free E-mail service as well. Yahoo, Hotmail and are common ones but there are many more worldwide. If you do not recognize the domain of the E-mail (the part after the @) just copy and paste it into your browser and go check it out. If it is a free service be very wary. UPDATE 2010: There seems to be an increase of scammers posing as someone out a sea in a boat or on an oil rig. If your potential buyer is claiming this it is definitely a scam.

Unfortunately, the scammers are getting better. Here is a recent example I received in regards to an ad on my snowmobile site;

Merry Christmas. I just saw the advert of your snowmobile for sale and decided to mail you and find out if it is still for sale. I would like to know your last offering price and a photo if possible. Thanks as I await your reply.
John Norman"

     Tip offs are the fake name (two first names - the scammer can't come up with a good last name), slightly awkward sentences (far to formal for an enquiry regarding a sled), incorrect use of words ("last offering price" - have you ever said that in a sentence?), he's asking for a price and picture even though there are one or both in the ad, the E-mail it is addressed to isn't even your own, and finally, as always, they are using a free E-mail service ( in this case).

Here is an example of a "second contact" E-mail. This is what you would get if you replied to their original enquiry;

Thanks for the mail.The price is okay by my client and i am ready to purchase from you immediately, i will offer you $7,700.00(U.S.DOLLARS)for the 1971 Alfa Romeo GTV and i want you to delete the ad from the website.I have a reputable shipper in london that will take care of shipping from your end.
I want you to know that i am going to pay you with certified cashier's cheque on my behalf and as soon as the cheque arrives,you hold out your amount and send the difference to my shipper in london via western union for the pick up in your place and also i will like to see the recent picture of the 1971 Alfa Romeo GTV .I hope i can trust you with my balance and also you will be contacting my shipper with all neccesary information needed for pick up in your place i.e the actual weight and e xact dimension of the 1971 Alfa Romeo GTV . if this terms are okay by you,do get back to me with the followin g details like this :-
Home Address...
Full Name on cheque...
Telephone Number...
Mobilephone number...
Fax Number...
Do get back to me asap with this details for payment to be made out to you immediately.
Waiting to hearing from you.

     I believe the request to "delete the ad from the website" is a new development as of the summer of 2004. There are so many scammers trying this now they are afraid that, during the scam process, you will receive similar E-mails from other scammers which will be a tip off that something is fishy. Having you delete the ad is the only way to prevent this for them.

     I now recommend not running your E-mail address in your ad - just a phone number. Almost all of the scammers rely on E-mail for their initial contact. However, if you've read this far you do have enough info to be able to spot most of the clues in a scammer's E-mail. It is really your choice.

     I have even heard of these scammers, from Africa, attempting to buy snow tires for this scam. Please be aware of this fraud and tell everyone you know about it too. The internet is a wonderful tool for bring people and cars together. Lets not let these criminals ruin it for us! Visit Scam Victims United for even more detailed information on this problem.

Allan Lewis


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